A quick QA

I have been deducted NOK 1200 or 1500

- The amount is a reservation that will be reversed by your bank shortly, you do not need to do anything. Normally, the reservation is reversed immediately after filling, but due to delays at your bank, the reversal is delayed.

I do not use Storebox and want a receipt

- Send an e-mail to us, state the station the purchase was made at, date and paid amount. For next time, sign up at storebox.no, register your payment cards, and get automatically receipts from us to the Storebox App.

Fuel price

- Our prices are only available in our price pylon and on the fuel pumps.

Contact us

Copy of receipts and other customer questions.



- Customer service for YX Visa og YX Firmakort
- Suppliers of Uno-X and leaseholders can contact us at okonomi@unox.no

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